How could I make my grandma happy?

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    Hi there,

    I am much concerned about my grandmother, she is too stubborn. We had a restaurant in front of our home. It was actually started by my Grandma when I had lost my parents. I know it was difficult for her to look after me during those days. She really worked hard in those days. But now I need to continue the business. I am working as a tutor in an elementary school and I don’t have any interest in business. But my grandma insists me to continue the business. Even I am not interested in business I don’t like to lose the business to someone as it is my grandma’s restaurant. I am doing my best to improve the business and going on researching to find out the best deals for business and based on the articles like this , I am working hard for the success. I had even taken mortgages to promote business and to bring a new look to the restaurant, but she is complaining more about the business. Each day she keeps complaining about the business and I can’t stand it. I need some advice for making my grandma happy with the business. How could I make her happy? Do I need to go on researching and bring changes to the restaurant? What might be the reason behind her complaint? Do I need to bring her to business?

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