Going through one of the most difficult periods of life

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    Hello all,

    My family is going through one of the most difficult periods of life. Last year, we lost one of our family members to cancer. This year, she lost her brother in a car accident. The lose of her two siblings has affected her so much and, even my father is finding it difficult to cope up with the situation since he was so close to my uncle. We are trying to spend more time with them. But, still, they haven’t come out of the shock the two incidents gave them. One of our family friends suggested us to go for family therapy here in Toronto. But, since I am a working woman and my husband will be out of station during most of the weeks, I am finding it difficult to make a schedule with them. I have never gone for family therapy before. Is it okay if not everyone in the family is present during a session? Can we schedule a different session for each member of the family? Do you think family therapy will help the situation? What you guys usually;y do to come out of a situation like this?

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