Equipment needs in an assisted living facility

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    How do assisted living facilities handle equipment needs?



    Generally it works this way: your doctor puts an order in for a commode, wheelchair, or hospital bed. We contact a vendor for delivery. Insurance pays for it 100{d0e74b8a3596e4326b45924d39792f257a1f9983beed4201831d386befd3d18e}. Even Medicare.

    If you lose your wheelchair, you are out of luck for any sort of reimbursement from insurance or Medicare. That being said, you might consider tapping a family member to pitch in or ask the facility if they have any extras. A majority of this type of equipment is rented, so it is possible the facility has extras.


    Dianne Cramer

    A co- ordinated plan is developed by the staff at assisted living facility when any resident moves into the facility. Te housing provide supervision or assistance with activities of daily living. Assisted living NJ allow individuals to remain independent as long as possible in an safe and caring environment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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