Dental implant procedure – Need advice!

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    Hey! I am writing this for my dad. He is 78 years old. His teeth have become too loose and it is falling out. He doesn’t have any problem with his teeth in the past. Four of his teeth have fallen out already. And he is very disappointed about it. He is following a nutritional diet and eat wells. Even though he is 78 years old, he is energetic and healthy. I don’t know what has caused his teeth to fall out. I feel really sorry for him. Yesterday I took him to a dental clinic in Lexington. The dentist told that it is common to loose teeth due to age. And he suggested removing all of his teeth and to get dental implants. My dad agreed to undergo dental implant procedure. Before that, he needs to get all his teeth removed. Is there any complication in getting teeth extraction at this age? Is there anything to be noted before and after teeth extraction? Will all the teeth be removed at once? How long will he have to wait to get dental implants after the teeth extraction? Please reply to my queries. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanking you in advance!

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