Dementia problem to my granny

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    I am really in fix. I don’t know what to do. My grand mother who is 80 years old and she is suffering from Dementia last year. She often don’t remember what actually she is doing. She forgets about talks and things she placed. She talks about things that are neither happens nor exists. Whenever anyone tries to understand her about the fact, she gets angry at. Some people suggested about a leading memory care center that offers very good services to dementia patients. There is 24*7 staff available for the help of residents. But problem is that she is refusing to go there. My whole family has tried to understand her  that she would be happy and in comfort there and moreover our relative have also tried to. She has her own ways, don’t ready to listen anyone. What should I do. kindly me to come out of this problem. I will be really thankful.


    Mildred Wheeler

    <p>Consult a good doctor.</p>



    <p>How is your granny now?</p>



    <p>It’s better to get the advice of a good doctor.</p>


    Dianne Cramer

    How is your granny now? One of my friends father has dementia and he has shifted him to dementia care facility. While checking on the internet, I found about assisted living Morris County that is best for such people.

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