Dealing with hearing loss!!!

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    <p>Hi, my father is suffering from hearing loss. He is 65 years now. He is not having any problem with the hearing until this time. He can’t accept this situation. This condition is making him more stressed. He is an active person and doesn’t like to spend his time by simply sitting in the home. He likes to get involved in other activities. But nowadays, he seems to be frustrated and depressed due to this. If this situation continues, this will badly affect his mental health too. So we are planning to get an appointment with an audiology specialist in London. Before that, I would like to know the treatments. I think this hearing loss is age-related. I am not sure about this, only an assumption. If so, then will it possible to try hearing aids for this? Which one is the best hearing aid available? What is its cost? If anybody knows about this, please help me with your replies.</p>

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