Dad suffering from Dementia

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    <p>Hi, my father is 78 years old. As the age increased he suffering from the common elderly health issues. He is suffering from Dementia. As you all know there is no cure for this disease, but this is the high time in managing my dad. His two or more core mental functions are impaired. These functions include memory and the ability to focus and pay attention. Until last year he was too good in problem-solving and reasoning, but now he has lost all his ability to do the same. Now he is not able to do his normal, everyday tasks. And last I had very bad experience, he said that my daughter stole his money and beat my kid. I was in a big dilemma. I was not knowing what to!! I know its part of his disease but I was helpless. Our family doctor gave him Aricept for the memory loss. But nothing is working out. My friend suggested me taking him to health and wellness center in Toronto. She said that along with the medication certain therapies can help my day for a better mental and physical health condition. I am planning to take him there. It’s just a try!! Is there anything that I should try before taking him to the clinic? Please give your suggestions!!</p>

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