Dad having back pain issues

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    <p>Hi Guys, My dad is having back pain issues and he is not able to lie flat due to severe pain in his lower back, just at the base of the spine. When walking or standing he constantly gets pins and needles on his back. Once he sits down somewhere it eventually eases up. He was taken to the doctor and the MRI results confirmed L4/L5 central disc herniation which is a gap opening up underneath the lower back. He has been taking Ibuprofen for around a week. He also do yoga (just starting), but need to be careful so much as lying on hard surfaces with a flat spine hurts that area of his lumbar. If he push on the area between the vertebrae that hurts. The pain keeps him up at night most of the days. One of his friends suggested him to do the correct physiotherapy and daily work for improving the condition. He is worried so much as a lot of doctors say that he can’t get better or has to live with the injury. I  was considering to take him to a nearby physiotherapy treatment clinic in Toronto. I’m expecting that things will get better soon. Any advice/suggestions regarding this is highly appreciated.</p>

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