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    My Mother and Father have always been there for us kids, now adults. I am a middle child, as well as the only Daughter. I have an older, as well as younger Brother, ages 58 & 48 respectively. My Brothers live at home with the parents, who are 78 (my Mother) and soon to be 81 (My Father). My Mother is in excellent health, although forgetful, not because of age. this has always been the case. My Father, who at one time was tall and strong and sometimes having temper tantrums, that at a young age, we were rather afraid of, but since about 10 years ago has had poor health(Prostate Cancer) and is of not much use in the situation I will describe in a moment.

    My Parents have always been there for us and helped us whenever we needed it and they could provide it, even to the point of after myself going to Nursing school in another state and wanting to come back to this state and practice, they had no problem letting me come “home” because they knew I was going to get a good job…eventually.

    So I moved back home, paying rent and looking for Nursing work…not an easy process when your only experience is school.

    Now…let me talk about the problem, my older Brother. He is two years older than me, was married and has 2 daughters. He, at one time, was very intelligent, had his own business and was doing fairly well. He is an alcoholic. he lost his wife, his kids, his business…everything because of alcohol….and drugs…

    After he lost everything and tried to restart, he lost his business which he picked over his wife and kids, packed a backpack, and came to our parent’s house, begging for a place to live, against better advise from me, they let him move in. He has been a nuisance ever since. He has NO steady job, won’t go look for one, does not pay rent, does not pay for any food, has his Girlfriend living there (at least she pays for rent) and when he drinks(which is all the time, every day) he is mentally and verbally abusive to my parents. My Mother is afraid of him, and my father health-wise can’t do much either. My brother has gone so far as to say he will change the will in his favor if something happens to them.

    I need some good strong advice and soon on what to do to fix this horrible situation for them…my Parents shouldn’t have to suffer in their golden years…they worked too hard too long for more grief…anything anyone can help me with, I appreciate. Thank You


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