Can anyone point out other problems with hard water?

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    <p>Hai friends, I own a dental clinic in Calgary.  As a mother and wife, I had to do all works in my home and rush to the clinic by 10:00 am. I find it very difficult to clean plates, clothes, and bathroom before going to work. There are some problems with my water system. Here I am getting hard water supply. When soap is added to hard water, the insoluble scums stick on clothes. It takes an hour to clean waste plates. I searched for water softening system in Calgary. There are many services in my locality. I searched for the best services which guarantee good results. I don’t have much knowledge about water softening system. It takes long hours for cleaning and a lot of water is wasted. Due to this hard water issue, our pipes and tapes got damaged. Is it true that hard water should be softened to reduce cloth damage and hair loss? I am also suffering from hair loss. Can anyone point out other problems with hard water?</p>

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