Blood clot after tooth extraction..!!

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    My mother-in-law was suffering from an evil toothache since the last week. We have tried some home remedies like rinsing the mouth with salted lukewarm water but end up with no result. She kept delaying consulting a doctor because she never felt the pain constantly. But last Friday morning she woke up with swelling on her face. We immediately took her to the nearby family dentistry in Guelph, and the doctor suggested for tooth extraction. They immediately started the extraction process with the usual numbing process. So she hasn’t felt any pain, but she still has a clot in that extracted area. She feels discomfort while chewing food, and she hesitates to eat food now. When I asked her dentist about this clot, he said there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes, it will happen for aged people, and dislodged in two days. He asked us to wait till it dissolves on its own. But I would like to know, Is there any way to remove it safely?

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