Advice on moving dad with Alzheimer's closer to my home

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    My dad suffers from Alzheimer’s and is getting worse. He lives far away from me and I’m thinking it might be best if I try to move him closer to me so I can keep an eye on him. But everything will be new to him, and I’m concerned that he will fall apart. He’s been living in his current home for more than 30 years. Any advice?


    There are options and choices to make, and your Dad will need increasing care as he gets older. Have you talked to your Dad about possibly moving closer to you? Does he have relatives and friends in his community that can help? Could you have him visit for a period of time and see how he adjusts to a new location? Moving can be difficult for the elderly, but in time, many do adjust to the transition and do well. There are professional Geriatric Care Managers that would help you to assess all of your options and help make the best choice. Look locally for one in your area, or look for one on this website:



    Hi caringremotely, good decision to move your father closer to you. As he is suffering from Alzheimer’s, he should be given proper care. It may be a little difficult for him to adjust with the new place at first, but he will be adjusted later. It’s not safe to allow him to stay away. Many people are not at all caring for their father nowadays and forget the sacrifices he had faced to grow them up. Here you are thinking to keep him with you, great! I believe a father is someone who unconditionally loves his child and we should take care of him by returning all the love he has given to us. Read this article if you get time –

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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