Acupuncture treatmemnt for 60yo

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    <p>I am a 60-year-old grandma who has got lower back and hip pain for more than five years. In the past 6 months, my back pain has become severe to the point where I cannot sit or walk properly. Transitioning between standing, sitting and turning were tedious for me. Finding a pain-free sleeping position is hectic. I find it difficult to walk without the support of a walking stick. I tried everything my doctor suggested, but these have made my condition worse. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and an MRI showed that I have got bulging disc and a herniated disc at L5-S1. They gave me a spinal injection for the pain. I have heard treatment from an acupuncture centre in Mississauga is effective in treating such conditions. Is there anybody over here who has undergone such a condition? What did you do to keep the pain under control? How was your experience? Please share!</p>

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