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    <p>I got laid off 1/29/16 from my previous job and in Jan 2017 I received a 1099R showing the retirement account I had signed up for.  It showed $762.36 for gross distribution and that I paid $152.47 for federal income tax withheld.  I cancelled the account since I no longer work there.  I received a check for $260.  I called John Handcock and asked why I didn’t get the entire amount. He said that I was not vested with the company, they gave me $260 and the rest went back into the company account.  I didn’t think the company could list any money in an account if it wasn’t mine to take.  To me the only amount that should have shown up for me to pay on was the $260.  I didn’t think they could put a future amount in my account.  Looks like they used my account to not pay on $460 which they now say is their money.  Please explain if I’m wrong, if I’m right how do I correct this?</p>

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