Reply To: Advice on screening in home care agencies



You do need to research home care agencies to find one that has good quality home care and meets your needs. Interview the agency to find out whether the services you need are included, staff training and expertise, and your medical coverage of the needed services. Check with your doctor, social worker, or hospital discharge planner about home care agencies in your area. They usually have worked with home care agencies and know which ones can be counted on to respond best to the needs of their patients. Information and referral services may be offered through your local Area Agency on Aging, local United Way chapter, the Visiting Nurse Association, or the nearest chapter of your American Cancer Society. Ask friends in your area about any home health care agencies they have used or heard about. You can also check your local yellow pages under “home care,” “home health care,” and “nurses.” is another resource you can use to find caregivers in your area.