Reply To: Need help on getting mom into nursing home, without a temper tantrum


Your mother needs to be evaluated by her primary care doctor to see if she meets the requirements and really needs the 24-hour skilled medical care that a nursing home will provide. This assessment will identify exactly what difficulties she is having. If she doesn’t need 24 hour medical care, there are other options that might her stay in her home and community so that she will be more comfortable. Some of the services offered in the community are Meals on Wheels, In-Home caregivers, Private duty nurses, and Adult Day centers. If it is determined that she can’t stay in her home, assisted living might be an option, where she can live in a more home-like setting (they do not provide 24 hour medical care) and have more independence. All of these options should be explored before your mother is placed in a nursing home. If she does need nursing home care, visit the ones in your area and talk to staff to get an idea of what they are like, and they do have social workers and nurses who can help your mother make this transition.