Reply To: Medical alarm systems– any recommendations?



There are several medical alarm systems, which are also called PERS (personal emergency response systems). The most common is a necklace which has a pendent with a button and a device attached to her home phone – if your mom falls or needs help in the home, she can push the button which will activate a call to a response center. The response center representative will call and ask her if she is okay. If she reports she is injured or does not respond, emergency numbers (which are set up in advance) will be called, including 911. This device is limited because it only works in the house. More information can be found at

There are newer devices on the market that have a greater coverage area and can be used in and outside of the house. The Philips Lifeline GoSafe system has a two-way communication device where you can speak and listen to a representative at the response center through a pendent. If you need help away from home , the system’s wireless network will activate and place the call. This system also has a fall detention sensor and will automatically activate when a fall is detected. More information can be found at