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Thanks for the info. These are the routes we are taking. I removed all the ammo. from his house and checked all his guns last week, so far so good. I am talking with his Dr. now about testing to see what is actually going on with my father. For now I will let the results from these tests take his driving privileges away. I will just be there as much as I can to insure he doesn’t drive until then.
Yesterday he noticed bullets were missing. And went to show me a loaded gun. Only to find out there was no bullets in it. When he discovered this he was confused at first then tried to blame me. I said, why would I do that, and the blame went to my wife. I told him I would help look for the bullets later and that we were doing something else right now. I preoccupied him and he forgot about it.
1 down, 1 to go. Many more to come.
There is help out there, even just to make sure we are on the right path. I asked his Dr., who helped with questions and she put me in touch with a counselor who spoke with her superiors about more specifics such as the gun insue, and people liike you.
Thanks for your help,

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